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How long are the advocacy trips?


Part of the power of an advocacy trip is the shared experience with other like-minded travelers. Thus to facilitate this experience, E2E has selected specific long weekends, listed below. Depending on your departure city, it is possible to travel to and from Haiti in one day. However, in some cases, intermediate stays in hubs such as Miami or New York may be required. Attendees are asked to arrive before 2 pm on Friday. Activities, including the opportunity to attend mass, are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Visitors may depart as early as Monday or extend their stay further, if desired. E2E will identify candidate weekends based on the inquiries received.

Who covers the costs?


Because E2E focuses its resources on the people of Haiti, we have limited resources for hosting visitors. As such, while we will arrange and cover the cost of accomodations, meals and local transporation in Haiti (including transport from Port-au-Prince airport to our facilities in Leogane), we humbly ask you to cover the cost of your flights to and from Haiti (including any domestic lodging due to layovers). You are also asked to absorb the costs associated with medication and immunizations required for travel, as well as Travel Insurance (recommended).




What is an Advocacy Trip? 

Advocacy trips are opportunities to visit Haiti and see first hand E2E's operations in country. During your visit you will have the chance to see E2E homes, meet aspiring homeowners, interact with E2E staff and local partners, and witness first hand the conditions that still plague this nation, even years after the earthquake. You will find your time in Haiti will affect you in a way that is difficult to describe, but essential to appreciate the opportunity we all have to accompany the people of Haiti along their path to recovery.

E2E Advocacy Trips: FAQs

Where will we stay?


Accomodations will be in the Residence Filariose (RF), which serves as a training facility and guesthouse for the Notre Dame Haiti Program. The RF is located at Belval #10 Léogâne, Haiti, WI (about 30 kilometers west of Port-au-Prince), situated on land owned by the Episcopal Church of Haiti. The facility is fully secured and includes permanent program staff including a residence administrator to support activities, translators, security, vehicles, drivers, internet and telecommunications, and full medical services through its affiliation with Hopital Ste. Croix. Guest rooms accomodate 2 to 4 guests and are equipped with bed nets and linens. The RF has full indoor plumming and electricity, with fans operating in each room. Residence staff preapre three meals each day for guests, with ample supplies of fresh drinking water.           

Will I be safe?


While international travel always has its risks, particularly in Haiti, the Notre Dame Haiti Program has established procedures, infrastructure and experience in hosting visitors without incident. Policies and procedures to ensure your safety and enjoyment during your time in Haiti will be reviewed prior to travel. Additional safeguards, such as registration with the State Department and purchase of Travel Insurance is recommended, as are immunizations and medications to safeguard against malaria.   

How will I know how to prepare? I have never traveled to Haiti.


Travelers will be provided with a recommended packing list and a check list of preparations required before travel. Notre Dame Haiti Program and E2E Staff will collect all necessary information and be available to answer questions as you prepare for travel.     

What if I am already traveling to Haiti for other purposes and want to visit E2E's program?


While we strongly encourage participating in one of the formal advocacy trips to maximize the experience, we welcome visitors and will do our best to accomodate your visit. Please understand, however, that we may not be able to arrange all of the interactions that are part of the advocacy trip, depending on the schedules of our staff at the time of your visit.  

This sounds great! How do I sign up?


Just Click Here and complete this simple form. We will then work with you and other interested travelers to identify potential dates for the advocacy trip.






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