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Our Partnership Program provides a unique opportunity to have your gift make lasting impacts in multiple dimensions. By partnering with one of our 5 aspiring homeowners, from one of four income profiles, you will help make their dream of homeownership possible in 2015, years sooner than their current savings rates would ever allow! 


For many Haitians, the reality is that current economic conditions will not allow them to realize a safe and dignified home within their lifetime, despite all their hard work and savings. With your help, we can make sure they are not left behind by founding a new financing and subsidy program as part of the next stage of our 3-year planSo how does it work? 


For their participation and willingness to be ambassadors for the E2E program, each aspiring homeowner will receive a subsidy to match their monthly payment. They will also receive a bank loan for the remaining balance, guaranteed against default by your gift. This will be the basis of E2E's Haiti model for establishing payment and credit histories to secure mortgages. Even better, after the homeowner repays the loan, your gift will roll over to the next aspiring homeowner with this same Partner Profile, starting the process all over again.


In this sense, your gift keeps giving safe and affordable E2E homes to those who are working hard to rebuild their lives and just need someone to accompany them on their journey toward empowerment. Moreover, in the process, the financing model will be vetted and refined to finally deliver the infrastructure needed to facilitate self-financed recovery and impact many more families who have waited for a home for far too long. Take a moment to review the homeowner profiles by clicking any one of the images below.

Partner with an Aspiring Home Owner

Meet some of the aspiring homeowners who are ready to take the next step with E2E...and you! 
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