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E2E has spent 2014 engaged in an Innovation Exchange between its operations in the US and Haiti, flanked with Innovation Incubators in Haiti that encourage those closest to the problem to innovate its solution in a manner that operates within the constraints Haiti poses.




1. Completed the first demonstration home in Haiti to establish local ownership of a custom construction process, while educating the public on the E2E model in Haiti.


2. Launched an Innovation Incubator to develop local supervisors that can streamline the most efficient processes for prefabricating components for E2E Homes and assuring their quality.


3. Launched an Innovation Incubator to support local artisans in crafting various doors, windows and finishes to allow customization of E2E homes.


4. Launched an Innovation Incubator to support Haitians in developing appropriate means to encourage home savings amongst their neighbors. 




Building upon the successes in 2014, E2E will devote 2015 to carrying this momentum forward with a multi-pronged plan to SEED the housing model among interested families and within the construction sector of Haiti. With your help, we will be able to expand our reach and presence in Haiti!




1. Build 5 different demonstration homes with eligible families, to demonstrate the range of E2E layouts and finishing options, while further promoting the E2E housing alternative in Haiti.


2. Found the first E2E Depot in Haiti with a partnering construction firm to build up and centralize the infrastructure need to fabricate and erect E2E homes.


3. Draft E2E Construction Manual with standard protocols for construction and prefabrication, appointing a local Quality Assurance deputy to oversee training of construction crews.


4. Pilot the first E2E Home Savings Program, including subsidies, prequalification savings groups and long-term financing.





Entering 2016, E2E will be in a position to roll out a complete franchise model to replicate the success resulting from the INCUBATE and SEED stages. This scaling strategy will create a network of E2E Depots, each delivering consistent, high-quality, safe and affordable housing.




1. Expand the Financing Program to begin growing the number of families constructing E2E homes, enabling customization by varying layout and finishing options.


2. Create a standardized operations kit that continues to reduce the cost of E2E homes along with a franchising model to grow capacity to meet the demand of the greater Léogâne area and support the operations of the parent organization.


3. Expand customization and finishing options to create functional, multi-use living spaces, including built-in furniture (fold out tables, beds, storage spaces) and utilities. 


4. Join the E2E Financing program with evolving microfinance opportunities to reduce needs for subsidies and expand customer base.

      Take Time to EMPOWER


E2E was founded on the mantra: LISTEN, INNOVATE, EMPOWER. Achieving true EMPOWERMENT requires a thoughtful strategy to help the INNOVATIONS born on Notre Dame's campus take root in Haiti. To do so, E2E has embarked upon a three year strategic plan to INCUBATE, SEED and SCALE this housing model in Léogâne, Haiti, where E2E established full-time operations in the Fall of 2013.

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