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E2E Expo Construction Team

The Expo's two prototype homes were completely constructed by a team of over 20 dedicated students from a number of majors under the supervision of university faculty and staff and partnering contractors. Through the Expo experience, the students were not only able to create this stage on which the story of Haiti's recovery can be told, but also grow as engineers in essential skill sets like design, fabrication, construction sequencing, site planning, permitting, quantity estimation, project management and procurement. Take a moment to meet this team of passionate sons and daughters of Notre Dame.


E2E Expo Partners, Donors and Sponsors

The E2E Expo would not have been possible without the resources, time and talents of a number of partners, donors and sponsors. These individuals did more than just bring the E2E Expo to life. They personally mentored the students involved to help them grow as young engineers. Clearly, such an ambitious semester-long project could not have been realized without the invaluable experience and insight brought by the engineers and construction professionals who participated. Please take a moment to learn more about them.

E2E Expo Leadership

E2E's leadership is a unique blend of Notre Dame faculty, in-country staff, and Notre Dame students. Senior undergraduates served as the core leadership for a wider cohort of underclassmen that self-organized to achieve the E2E Expo's ambitious construction timeline. They were guided on campus by Notre Dame faculty and private sector partners, also interacting remotely with E2E Staff in Haiti to exchange ideas and strategies for the construction processes unfolding in both countries. Take a moment to meet these talented individuals that brought the E2E Expo to life!

Meet the Team

Learn more about the faculty, staff, students and partners who made the E2E Expo possible
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